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Press Relation Objectives

Our press relation service is simple yet essential.  We meet with local media and give your brand a relatable boost within the local media. Press Relaltion may include tapping local influencers to grow awareness and exposure both in traditional media and online.

Our marketing director in Vimcreek will communicate with your brand and fabricate a solid idea on how we could turn your customers into your sales force. Package of service includes the following:

Venue Coordination
Press Invite
Press Relations
Press Kits (30 Press Kits)
E-Vite Layouts
Release Monitoring
Editorial Calendar

With the help of our team, together we’ll build a marketing strategy or tactics that encourages our local media to pass on a marketing message that is promotional and gains momentum by spreading across multiple media, helping it reach more people.

Although the tactic of tapping local influencesr is not new in marketing. The concept of having local influencers has become surprisingly become popular in recent years, so much that it can create a viral and valuable content that attracts, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving a profitable customer action.

These individuals wield a significant impact on the buying decisions of people who seek advice, guidance or recommendation on particular products, brands or organizations – particularly if they act as advocates. Many of these influencers are even offering their opinion for no financial gain and gaining notoriety within their local area is generally sufficient reward for them.

  • Public Relation
  • Social Media Ad
  • Word of Mouth

Photo credit to The Explorers Channel and Wing It Flavored Wings! as our visual presentation for our press relation service.

Service Benefits

Free Brand Brief Proposal

Brand Brief

We will be giving you a full overview and study for your brand’s tone and values based upon the color choices and marketing tools that will be applicable for your business category.

The Importance

What if my brand is already established, what is next?

We would still offer a number of visual presentations of what you are lacking for example Digital Posting for your Facebook and how we would integrate your branding to the designs and other traditional marketing tools you could make use. For example Coupon Cards or maybe giveaway products such as eco bags, notebook planners and many more.


What is our rate for Branding?

Although we have standard rates for branding that is based upon the proposal given beforehand (which means all assets are already from the client and not from us). Collateral that includes our service to take photos and multimedia assets for your brand would be a separate service fee that will be discuss over our meeting.

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