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Project Details
Trix Offroad is a recognized local custom 4×4 fabricator of accessories, aftermarket products and performance offroad services. Trix Offroad sat down with us with the primary goal of increasing organic visibility with a cost efficient budget while targeting new demographics organically and generating leads and converting them with traditional marketing through event activation.

Once Trix Offroad were able to handout the authority for us to use their online multimedia contents. First thing we have done was go through a sat down with the owners themselves who were handling the marketing and digital marketing advertisment for their brand. And after hearing their issues and expectation. We decided to run through a local study for the brand itself then a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) placement study for their online identity.

Through dialing in baseline SEO factors, we’ve found out that they already have a heavy backing of niche audience with a powerful site and social metrics already in place, but seeing their process of advertising and marketing their products and services digitally was not put to full use. They weren’t driving traffics, advertising their multimedia platforms such as their website from their facebook posts and even their facebook post were lacking informations for audience to competely understand what’s up with the post or what is Trixoffroad generally offering.

Data is from the moment they started at April to December 2017 when we weren’t handling their Facebook account and contents that were organic and paid created by them.

Trix Offroad would’ve been undoubteldly had the highest value search term when it comes to “Offroad” niche locally in Cagayan de Oro and nationally in the Philippines since it was running way back in 2017, but it was unfortunately neglected and wasn’t renewed and was bought out by someone who is a domain broker (a person who buys and sells domain names for others). From simply now which completely overhauls their previous ads and lower the rate of organic search for some demographic age bracket. With that, our team decided to discard everything up and just start fresh by also overhauling the template of their website and platform that they used from Squarespace to WordPress.

Additionally, we were also in charge of activating their exhibition event which was led by our Marketing Director Henny Sescon. Held in Downtown SM Premier in Cagayan de Oro, Bumper to Bumper was a huge success for voicing out huge sales and getting new leads and collaborations from other services.

On Social Media, we reconstructed the content strategy to redirect, reflect and engage with the existing audience. Rather than generating more leads for their Facebook page, Trix Offroad with the given budget plan is already enough for them to be establishing a straightforward content and have their existing audience who has already liked their page as their sales force to acquire new audience from an existing person who liked the page to their friends.

One of the biggest contracted project we handled that went successfully well. A collaboration of Henny, Pao and Jason for establishing a cost-efficient and creative edge for advertising and brand awareness for Trix Offroad.