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Project Details
Lugaw Queen rebranded now as Krebs Diner is one of Cagayan de Oro’s finest spots to eat lugaw or rice congee. Located in Corner Pabayo Hayes Street, 9000 Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Originally the restaurant’s best selling points as Lugaw Queen were their variety of flavoured Rice Congee. With the decision of the owner of the restaurant branching out on other dishes, that is when Krebs Diner is now established.

The developed master logo is a logo text which uses a font similar to a diner in the 80’s. The lines from the K and N are extended to form a negative space of a box as well as to show motion. The K also forms a check mark.

Proposed character design for Krebs Diner. Though associating Krebs with a persona, it can help visualize to the market the brand as well as to make the approach much friendlier.

Food served will range from fried chicken, pork belly, silog meals, side dishes and even bulgogi. With only ₱150 as the ost expensive pricepoint and ₱85 as the cheapest.

The visual identity of Krebs Diner will be simple & straightforward. Using red, black and grey tons. The brand will be a combination of retro mood with a modern touch. The brand will also use metal textures as accents to its brand collateral.

Thank you to Krebs Diner for the opportunity for choosing our team to rebrand Lugaw Queen. This project was a collaboration of two of our best Graphical Designers Pao Agpawa and Anthea Capuyan. Led by Pao as the head designer and Assisted by Anthea to assemble an outsanding 80’s themed restaurant brand for our local Cagayan de Oro folks.