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Project Details
When Casa de Canitoan inquired for our social media marketing and web design, we couldn’t have been more excited. For one thing, they wanted a convenient booking site for their events, rooms and birthday parties. And we love this flexibility of being able to do some custom coding for specific clients on specific niches, breaking out of the ordinary web designs involving only rows consisting of informations of their site.

The integral part of a booking site is to have it compatible on different devices. So initially we made the site completely easy to understand right off the bat, without causing any complex redirects and complicated slides; optimized for fast, easy to book and compact for information to completely be inserted.

Satisfies all their guests with different options and custom wants for their room bookings, weddings and birthday parties. With simple and modern layout for guest to completely read the rates for the facilities on each available bookings for the company. Featuring also a direct form for them to inquire on specific packages on whatever booking they want.

Powerful features to bring many and more extra features with stability and flexibility while maintaining convenience. Always comes with different payments and GDPR and SSL secured.

This project was individually designed and structured by Jason Lim. The website is completely optimized for multiple handheld devices and desktop resolutions. The booking feature/plugin also uses WordPress’s powerful open-source e-commerce plugin Woocommerce. Multiple payment methods and multiple options for the Administrative side to create conditions for customers frequently asked needs. Check them out if you ever need a luxurious stay in Cagayan de Oro or event!