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Event Activation Objectives

Whether it is a fundraising or product press release event, Vimcreek will help your personal brand communicate what you want your audience think and feel about you. It helps the audience distinguish your skills, services and company traits that will leave them a reminder that you have what they’re seeking for.

Vimcreek will create an extensive experience beyond the event using both traditional and modern marketing. From your advertisments, social platforms and emails, we’ll do our best to collaborate with your valued audience to determine the direction your brand needs to take in order to keep them interested. Event Activation collateral includes:

E-vite layouts
Digital Layouts (if applicable)
Press Relations (if applicable)
Guest List Generation
Event Coordination
Initial Secretariat Manpower
Stage Management
Backdrop Layouts
Photo Booth Layouts
Post Event Report
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The Event Activation gets your big idea off the ground running by engaging face-to-face with your target audience. It is a great way to jumpstart your brand because it allows your customer to have a complete brand experience with your company.

Given the essence of live events, they’re more of an impact on a user’s brand association. That’s what makes them exceptionally important for your brand activation campaigns. High engagements and encourages participation from your audience.

So whether you are reinventing your brand or introducing a new product. Vimcreek will ensure that the event ends with a value to their day while associating positive feeling with your brand.

Credit to Tootsie Spaller for letting us use Compassion for Humanity Int’l Inc. as our visual presentation for our event activation service.

Service Benefits

Free Brand Brief Proposal

Brand Brief

We will be giving you a full overview and study for your brand’s tone and values based upon the color choices and marketing tools that will be applicable for your business category.

The Importance

What if my brand is already established, what is next?

We would still offer a number of visual presentations of what you are lacking for example Digital Posting for your Facebook and how we would integrate your branding to the designs and other traditional marketing tools you could make use. For example Coupon Cards or maybe giveaway products such as eco bags, notebook planners and many more.


What is our rate for Branding?

Although we have standard rates for branding that is based upon the proposal given beforehand (which means all assets are already from the client and not from us). Collateral that includes our service to take photos and multimedia assets for your brand would be a separate service fee that will be discuss over our meeting.

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