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So you’re ready to brand your business?

Having a well-setup brand provides clarity and direction in how people would see and remember you in the marketplace. Especially now with the power of the Internet and Search Engine Result Page (SERP), people could determine your strong elements by simply checking your website or social media platform pages that serves now as your resume that creates a comprehensive portfolio that includes your work history, services and significant career achievements.

Our Road Marks.

Delivering the same quality work and friendly customer service that you’ve come.

Step 1

Brand Identity

What does a prospective customer think of when they consider the organization or its products? What is the promise the brand or organization is making?

Step 2

Brand Tone

What does the brand want to say and convey? What does it not want to address? How will the organization deliver its messages?

Step 3

Brand Placement

Where does the brand stand in its competitive landscape? What sets it apart from other competitors brands, products, and tone. What are its unique strength and key shortcomings?

Step 4

Brand Values

What are the brand’s core values? What aspect of the organization does it want to promote, for example modern, affordable or better quality?

Core Features

Who will be leading the rebranding effort?

You’ve been doing this long enough to know that the rebranding task is more than just creating a logo and a tagline. You’ve spoken to the software development team and while they are qualified engineers, they aren’t necessarily designers. That means you’re going to have to hire a marketing firm, too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid the back-and-forth communications and have that design talent within the same company you are engaging with to perform all your other services?

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