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Brand Marketing Objectives

Having a well-setup brand provides clarity and direction in how people would see and remember you in the marketplace. Especially now with the power of the Internet and Search Engine Result Page (SERP) connecting you to people conveniently with the use of website and other social platforms that serves alternatively as your resume that creates a comprhensive portfolio that includes your work history, services and signifcant career achivements.

Vimcreek will refine and upgrade your offline or online network by giving you the options to improve aspects of your brands such as having a blogging site if you have an exisitng website or an engaging and detailed website made by us from scratch that could feed your audience with information online. Our brand marketing collaterals:

Brand Campaign Strategy
Marketing Calendar
Brand Consultation
Press Relations
Marketing Supplier Coordination
Graphic Designs and Layouts (for Digital and Print)
Social Media Management
FREE: Logo Generation and Market Segmentation
6 month contract

We’ll track and manage your brand. We’ll manage your local SERP performance and see if people are seeing your name and information correctly. How often are you found today? What are the people saying about your business? And so many more!

With the people of Social Media Platforms, we’ll create a cost efficient method for you to connect to others without putting in too much money over an ad which doesn’t guarantee any returns. We’ll simply follow a cost efficient method by creating a social media identity or website that could consistently feed your targeted audience or interested organic audiences information for the brand.

A printed marketing assets works absolutely well in many ways. A well-designed printed presentation ofthe company communicates that you are well prepared and know your difference from other competitors. And it shows your brand’s abiltiy to communicate pertinent information in a clear manner.

Credit to Jason Lim for letting us use Steelcare Trading as our visual presentation for our brand marketing service.

Service Benefits

Free Brand Brief Proposal

Brand Brief

We will be giving you a full overview and study for your brand’s tone and values based upon the color choices and marketing tools that will be applicable for your business category.

The Importance

What if my brand is already established, what is next?

We would still offer a number of visual presentations of what you are lacking for example Digital Posting for your Facebook and how we would integrate your branding to the designs and other traditional marketing tools you could make use. For example Coupon Cards or maybe giveaway products such as eco bags, notebook planners and many more.


What is our rate for Branding?

Although we have standard rates for branding that is based upon the proposal given beforehand (which means all assets are already from the client and not from us). Collateral that includes our service to take photos and multimedia assets for your brand would be a separate service fee that will be discuss over our meeting.

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