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Brand Brief Objectives

For any start up small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) it is always imperative that to start content marketing and strategizing strong elements. You need to have a clear and visual impact and objective to develop your brand’s identity.

Vimcreek will help you startup in establishing your brand identity and an omni-channel support for a creative edge.

Brand Guidelines
Social Media Visuals
Branding Visual (5 Collaterals)
Art Direction
  • Brand Identity

    What does a prospective customer think of when they consider the organization or its products? What is the promise the brand or organization is making?

  • Brand Tone

    What does the brand want to say and convey? What does it not want to address? How will the organization deliver its messages?

  • Brand Placement

    Where does the brand stand in its competitive landscape? What sets it apart from other competitors brands, products, and tone. What are its unique strength and key shortcomings?

  • Brand Values

    What are the brand’s core values? What aspect of the organization does it want to promote, for example modern, affordable or better quality?

With us working with you we will build you a solid brand identity that is very critical to the success of your brand. But not just that, we will go the extra mile to make them see you are that will offer an extraordinary experience that will build a long-term fan support. For example, building the identity of your brand’s services and how it could compete with other brands in the game.

Your brand is what others think and feel about you. Corporations spend hundreds of million of pesos developing, managing and protecting their brands. Brand Identity, brand tone, brand placement and brand values. Any means by public connects to a brand constitutes a touch point that affects perception of a corporate brand.

Everyone now has it easy and free access to communicating with your brand online. Prior to the Internet, companies had printed brochure and employees carried business cards. Today, website are company brochures and business cards are being replaced rapidly by the electronic transfer of contact informations using Social Media Platforms and other online platforms that increases your brand’s visibility and critical building and managing.

Credit to Henny Sescon for letting us use NJ2 Study Hub as our visual presentation for our brand brief service.

Service Benefits

Free Brand Brief Proposal

Brand Brief

We will be giving you a full overview and study for your brand’s tone and values based upon the color choices and marketing tools that will be applicable for your business category.

The Importance

What if my brand is already established, what is next?

We would still offer a number of visual presentations of what you are lacking for example Digital Posting for your Facebook and how we would integrate your branding to the designs and other traditional marketing tools you could make use. For example Coupon Cards or maybe giveaway products such as eco bags, notebook planners and many more.


What is our rate for Branding?

Although we have standard rates for branding that is based upon the proposal given beforehand (which means all assets are already from the client and not from us). Collateral that includes our service to take photos and multimedia assets for your brand would be a separate service fee that will be discuss over our meeting.

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